Our Mission:

Bringing African producers and European companies together

At WAANDA you will find a select range of handmade, unique and authentic products from some of Africa's most talented artisans.

We are a digital wholesaler and as a European company you can easily search and buy products on our marketplace that fit your brand and values, while supporting the livelihood of African artisans.


Inspiring product selection

Handmade, unique products from Africa, which are not available on any other platform. All products are made under fair conditions.

Easy, secure shopping

Buy products of various African artisans easy, uncomplicated and secure in one ordering process.

Ideal wholesale conditions

Benefit from a low minimum order quantity, free delivery from 150 euros and purchase on account. We take care of delivery and customs.

Product Categories:

Fashion and Accessoires

Fashion & Accessoires

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen & Dining

Interior and Furniture

Interior & Furniture



We are a Berlin-based start-up, backed by a passionate team of founders from Morocco, Germany and France. Our goal is to present to the world the unique and beautiful products of producers from Africa. We want to support them to expand their business, to stabilize their financial situation and to improve their quality of life.

Lack of possibility

In Morocco itself, there are about 3 million people who produce high-quality products with craftsmanship and great passion. Until today, they have no possibility to distribute them easily and directly to Europe. With WAANDA we would like to close this gap and bring Africa and Europe a little closer.

Our platform

Therefore, we provide creative people, entrepreneurs, small business owners, artisans and local traders from Africa and Europe with an digital B2B wholesale platform where they can easily network with European companies, offer and sell their products, exchange ideas, collaborate and grow.

Our Team & Network

Beside our strong team on the ground in Morocco and across Europe, we have a strong network of mentors and investors all of the world. Every day we do our best to present the unique products from Africa with all their colors, shapes and patterns to the world.



Order, Payment & Shipping:

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